Top Five Creative Wedding Floral Design Ideas

Top Five Creative Wedding Floral Design Ideas

The scent of an English-grown David Austin rose. The rustle of poppies as they brush stems with foliage. The delicacy of peonies adorning an archway… Plan an event that enchants every sense with these floral design ideas.

Somersaulting stems

A luscious and abundant floral arrangement will add instant impact to a space, but so too will a hundred single stems.

One of my favourite wedding floral design tips is to choose a bloom you want to celebrate and feature it many times over, in many different ways.

Think single stems in clusters of bud vases or trailing flower heads hanging from a chandelier.

flower curtain Cornwall wedding flowers

Garland greetings

What better way to welcome guests to an event than with a floral feature? This could be an arch that unfurls around a doorway or a structure that frames the aisle.

Add a modern twist by attaching blooms in an asymmetric design or pack them in abundantly for traditionally romantic wedding floral design ideas.

Ways with wildflowers

Embrace the trend for wildflower-inspired wedding floral design ideas with a green table runner.

Swap simple eucalyptus for an enchanting blend of foliage and wildflowers. The result is a pretty pastel swathe that decorates the length of the table.

Wild wreaths

Gone are the days when wreaths were floral designs of winter alone. Now, all manner of hoops, chandeliers and wreaths are garnished with garden-inspired blooms before being suspended from the ceiling, hung in groups of three from the wall or positioned as the perfect backdrop.

Towers of flowers

Once upon a time, martini glass wedding floral design ideas were all the rage. But while fashions and flowers change, the same perks still apply.

Tall arrangements to top tables that billow with ivy, peonies and roses add fragrance, romance and drama.

By raising the height of arrangements, they add even more impact as you enter the room. But when you’re ready to take your seats, your eye line remains clear, making for happy guests who can easily socialise without any compromise on floral style.

Discover more elegant and natural ways with blooms in my floral design gallery. Overflowing with the dreamiest designs and whimsical styles, prepare to be instantly transported into a blossoming country garden.

How to Choose Your Wedding Florist in London

How to Choose Your Wedding Florist in London

Exciting times ahead! You may well be on the way to planning your wedding and now the time has come to choose your wedding florist in London. I can’t tell you how many floral treats will be in store.

The floral world is brimming with creativity and passion, fragrance and beauty. Each London wedding florist has their own signature aesthetic and style of working with couples. So it’s important to take your time and find the right match for you.
Try a few of my top tips to help you along a little, in what may seem will like an overwhelming leap into the unknown.

1 Choosing your floral style

Before diving into details of which glories are seasonably available, whether you want your bouquet to be hand-tied, how many buttonholes, style of floral arch and so forth, you need to consider which style of flowers and foliage you have a preference for, eg. soft and gentle, brightly coloured, flamboyant or subtle.

Some will rush for tightly packed balls of peonies. For others, the magic lies in wild, asymmetric designs.

Couples come to me as their London wedding florist because they adore flowers with a freshly picked aesthetic. I bring the beauty and abundance of country flowers to weddings in the heart of the city.

2 Trace back to the roots

Where will your flowers come from? I’m a London wedding florist with an affinity for English garden styles and British-grown blooms. Think of a herbaceous border.

I source some of my wedding flowers from the markets, but I also take great care to work with English flower farms too.
The result, stunning and delicious designs that encapsulate the essence of each season and its charms, whether that’s blossom, berries or blousy peonies. By visiting flower markets, I can source a range of flowers that make your dreams achievable.

3 Create a moodboard of ideas

As your London wedding florist, I’ll work closely with you to understand your floral design vision. You might be head over heels for heavenly scented David Austin roses or have fallen for the drama of dahlias. We’ll talk varieties, colour schemes and arrangements for as long as you like.

But if you’re not green fingered, don’t panic! A simple Pinterest board or a few cut-outs from bridal magazines are all I need to understand your dream.

It’s my job to open up the possibilities of country-style wedding flowers to you and it’s one I absolutely love to do. So, with your wedding date, budget and theme in mind, I’ll guide you to pick the perfect English garden blooms that instantly evoke the romance of the country.

4 Start the conversation

However formed your floral plans and ideas, the first step is to say hello! Here at The Velvet Daisy, I will welcome you, listen to you, get to know you as a couple and any idiosyncrasies you may have.

All the rest will follow, from design consultations to selecting the perfect petals for your bouquet.

Wildly romantic, natural style wedding flowers are what I do best as a wedding florist in London. Let me know where and when you plan to wed and let’s nurture your ideas into something incredibly special, for an occasion when only the best flowers will do.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 2018 London

Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 2018 London

It’s at this time of the year – and before – that thoughts turn to Christmas.

Wrapping paper, Christmas baubles, will I need the sledge? Are my heels too high to dance in?

There is, of course, the desire to have a little fun. Creative fun maybe.

Here at The Velvet Daisy we run Festive Wreath Making Workshops and Festive Table Flower Workshops. We aid that inner creativity to shine through whilst enjoying the company of friends, partners or/and making new friends.

By embracing the beauty of the festive season, you can join one of our popular workshops by designing and making your own fragrant and natural wreath, ready to adorn your home. You may also like to express your inner skills by coming along to a Festive Table Flower workshop another way to create the seasonal outdoor coming indoor winter scents.

During the very relaxed workshops, under tuition, you will be shown how to create a traditional moss-based wreath, using a plentiful supply of fabulous seasonal foliage, berries and fruits. A selection of festive sparkle delights will also be available to add to your design if you wish. The price includes all materials, bubbles and a steady supply of seasonal refreshments.

There are such a variety of workshops (including ours of course) to choose from around the country, it can make the decision overwhelming enough to reach for the strong tea or mulled wine.

The purpose of all these workshops are not only to create a beautifully scented wreath to adorn your door or garland to delight the mantlepiece, but to enjoy.

Going shopping at Christmas time, battling to the Christmas department for decorations, is not quite as relaxing and sociable as a room filled with an abundance of fresh foliage and imaginative accessories.

How would you choose the best workshop for you?

The choice generally falls into 4 categories:
– Location
– Style
– Budget
– Where will The Velvet Daisy be?!

Other considerations may include being loyal to the person holding the workshop; if going along with friends, which would be central for all; it may also be something to consider, which workshops provide the best refreshments.

There are a number of different styles you may prefer when choosing a wreath or flower workshops. These are not exclusive but may include:

Small and simple: Adding a few seasonal decorations to a fresh pre-made wreath or creating a small wreath from branches and twigs and adding a little seasonal foliage.

Larger and simple: A larger pre-made wreath with a bigger selection of fresh seasonal delights and/or artificial decorations. All fresh foliage, twigs and berries to create a very natural design.

Starting from scratch: This is the style of workshop we at The Velvet Daisy prefer to hold. Mossing the basic wreath frame, adding fresh
seasonal foliage and garden wonders, then finishing with a host of seasonal delights including shiny bits to make it a little more bespoke.

Workshops are great for social interaction. Be it for single people, couples, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, clubs, schools, thank you for…, corporate bonding; whatever suits.

The final consideration, normally included in the price of the workshop, what will be the delicious festive refreshments?
Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, herbal tea, water still and/or fizzy, water with cordials, wine, mulled wine or bubbles.
Along of course with platters of seasonable edibles.

If you would like to book one of our workshops, please book on these Eventbrite links:

Festive Wreath Workshop, The Decor Cafe, Putney, 4th December choose from either 10am-12 noon or 7.30-9pm Book here

Festive Wreath Workshop, Flotsam & Jetsam, Wandsworth Common, 5th December 7.30-9pm Book here

Festive Table Flowers Workshop, The Decor Cafe, Putney, 11th December, 10am-12 noon Book here

The workshops always fill quickly but occasionally further dates are added.

If you’re a small group that would love to spend quality time together at home/in a venue or would like a 1:1 contact me directly on 0779 069 2221

These workshops are currently held in London. However, if you’d like one elsewhere then do contact me.

So, enjoy the creative festivities and have something to smile at each time you walk through the front door, look at the garland decorating any room.

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to make, relax and surprise yourself.

Welcome to The Velvet Daisy

Welcome to The Velvet Daisy

I’m so excited and feeling quite grown up, the launch of my sparkly new, redesigned, website.

A very sizeable and enthusiastic welcome and I hope you love it as much as I have popping it together.

Actually, to be honest, it’s been an intense exercise over a few months with my very talented web and all things wonderful designer, Maddy Jones.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to design a website but for me it feels like I’ve taken my clothes off and revealed all.

That is a pretty unpleasant vision for you so apologies but the simplest way to describe everything.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, it’s been a process of inner revelation. Trying to decide on colours, the layouts, words, font style and so forth. Endless questions which I never thought I’d have to think about so much.

I’m creative, imaginative and wildly enthusiastic about my work. I’m a florist and I love it.

But I’ve never been creative in the art of graphic design, techy bits or otherwise.

However, the process of choosing photos that express me, my designs, my love of flower combinations, the flowers themselves, is very personal.

I knew that by presenting this website I would be open to subjective thoughts and opinions. A decision to work with me may be entirely dependent on an immediate impression.

All very nerve-wracking and similar to waiting for exam results to come through.

I will say no more other than, similar to visiting a gallery, I hope your subjective taste to my art form matches yours.

Please do contact me if you’d like a chat or make an enquiry about my floral art.