London Event Flowers: Demonstration at Farrow & Ball

London Event Flowers: Demonstration at Farrow & Ball

Today I am delighted to share that I was recently asked to do a London event flowers demonstration at Farrow & Ball in Battersea in celebration of their new range of gorgeous colours.

I was incredibly excited and flattered that they got in touch, and that they enjoyed my use of colour enough to contact me. I love working with colourful flowers because simply put, I feel it brings out the best in me. It makes me happy, free and alive. It feels contagious as my clients then trust me and I become more creative. I love to reflect the mood of my clients in my creative work, without limitations. Working with Farrow & Ball, I had the freedom to florally interpret their new colours which was wonderful.

At this event, I shared how to make paint palettes come to life in the form of flowers and how to display them, starting an interior design explosion! I particularly loved sharing how to demonstrate confidence in playing with colours, opening an entirely new world. I love using a mix of traditional and modern use of flowers, and showing how exciting it can be to not be afraid to experiment.


I firmly believe colour is a very personal thing. It comes from existing colours which can be blended to create others. This is exactly what Farrow and Ball do with their paints and I do with my flowers – creating new atmospheres.

I was delighted with the feedback from the attendees, and the organiser sent me this today:

‘Another huge thank you for everything you did to make Thursday evening such a success, we have had some lovely feedback and the showroom has looked bountiful all weekend!’

At the workshop I shared how textures and colour combinations can greatly affect the style and atmosphere you create, from the simplicity of using one flower colour, onto a mix of colours which reflect tones of a particular paint or to form a complete contrast. Working with a company like Farrow & Ball was wonderful, a company that epitomises style, quality and passion for their product which I believe reflects my own enthusiasm.

If you’d like to see more of my event flowers portfolio, please enjoy your browse!

Many thanks to Angela Bunt Creative and the Decor Cafe for taking these photos. I’ll share the official photos from the event soon!