Cornwall Wedding Flowers: Summer Seaside Wedding

Cornwall Wedding Flowers: Summer Seaside Wedding


Wedding couple in a boat on the sea waving to other sailors. A real summer seaside wedding in Cornwall

I want to share with you an example of a real summer seaside wedding. The style of the wedding and the wedding flowers used to achieve it.

The wedding took place in the 500 year old church of St. Fimbarrus, Fowey in Cornwall. The wedding reception was held at The Fowey Hall Hotel. A beautiful venue and location overlooking the sea.


The Creative Brief for the Summer Wedding Flowers

Emma, a wonderful wedding planner herself, provided a very clear outline of her plans and vision for their summer seaside wedding.

The style: pretty, smart, classy and elegant.

The colour palette: ivory

Flower choice: Roses and hydrangeas with other summer seasonal flowers and foliage.


Bridal Wedding Flowers

Emma’s bouquet was classical. A large, full dome of ivory roses and finished with a bind of ivory silk and pearls.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets were a smaller version Emma’s. The flower girl carried a delicate wicker basket full of fresh ivory rose petals, and a small posy.

Buttonholes and corsages were a single ivory rose with the addition of seasonal foliage.

A bride looking towards the blue sea on a sunny day holding her bouquet of cream roses

Church Wedding Flowers

The church looked towards the sea, perfect for the summer seaside wedding. A large flower arch, covered the lychgate. The arch was full of green and white hydrangeas, ivory roses, stocks and a little seasonal foliage. An additional flower arch was made over the entrance to the church, which included an addition of white lilies. A great opportunity to use Cornwall wedding flowers.

A single and large, statement pedestal arrangement stood at the front of the church. The small niches in the walls were filled with vases containing small spray roses and other seasonal green and white flowers.

A large green and white hydrangea and rose flower arch over lichgate going into church. A real summer seaside wedding in Cornwall.

Wedding Reception Flowers

The top table had a long and low flower arrangement. The design used an abundance of seasonal, English garden flowers. Fresh green and white hydrangeas, roses and peonies. Very little foliage was used, which helped to create the pretty, smart and elegance of the brief.

Each guest table was decorated with a large, clear glass fishbowl, full of flowers, similar to those used in the top table arrangement. The tables also had a few small, mercury tea lights, each holding a single white rose These were placed randomly over the table.

A green and white hydrangea with white roses on top table arrangement at a classic wedding. A real summer seaside wedding in Cornwall

A guest table arrangement with roses, hydrangea and stocks in a large clear glass fishbowl with small tealights holding a single bite rose.

Cake Flowers

The tall, tiered wedding cake was beautifully simple, with the delicate detailing of shells and water bubbles so skilfully made.

A collar of white hydrangeas surrounded the bottom tier. A detail reflecting the crash of waves on the shore. A fabulous design idea for the  summer seaside wedding and the chance to use Cornwall wedding flowers again.

Tall, pale green and white wedding cake with a collar around the based made of cream hydrangeas


The style and choice of wedding flowers can play such a significant role in supporting  wedding themes, whether it be a summer seaside wedding, a winter boho wedding or any other. The sumptuous use of green and white English garden flowers in any wedding, creates an effect of minimal simplicity. Using large heads of hydrangeas or roses can create a totally different appearance to that using small and dainty heads with lots of foliage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by this blog. Do read more for further tips, ideas and inspiration with Cornwall wedding flowers, Devon wedding flowers or London wedding flowers.

Please take a trip to my Contact page to make an enquiry. I’d be delighted to hear from you.


Image @charliecampeyphotography

Wedding Planner: @emmacaesarweddings

Venue: @foweyhall

Cake: @peboryon







Summer wedding flower inspiration: Peony roses as the perfect wedding flower

Summer wedding flower inspiration: Peony roses as the perfect wedding flower

white peonies devon wedding flowers

Peonies, or as is known, peony roses, have to be one of the most beautiful flowers found in an English garden. Soft and romantic with ruffled petals, and gloriously old-fashioned. The gentleness of a flower that’s thickly lush with round faces full of happiness. A flower reminiscent of warmer days and the transition from spring into summer.

Summer wedding flower inspiration, peony roses as the perfect wedding flower.

Unfortunately, the peak season for British-grown peony roses is mid-April to the end of June. A very short season and creating much disappointment for so many brides. However, for those who are lucky, there are many creative ways they can be included.

Romance of the peony rose bouquet

The meaning of a peony rose indicates: romance, a happy marriage, honour, compassion and bashfulness. What a wonderful way to begin a wedding day. A gentle walk down the aisle at the ceremony, with so much romance ahead. The style and design of a peony rose bouquet can often create a blousy effect, Choosing to make a statement bouquet by simply using a single peony rose colour. A rich mix of colours or a supremely romantic bouquet of pastel pinks and whites with soft touches of grey foliage and asparagus fern. The combination of peony roses and other seasonal flowers such as spray rose simply adds to the overall romance.


Devon wedding flowers coral pink peony bouquet

Love of a peony pedestal

Pedestal arrangements can create an image of blousy beauty or soft romance. Large blousy heads of peony roses, when combined with a flourish of summer foliage and other summer delights. For example delphiniums, larkspur, daisies and roses.They can be large and imposing or small and delicate. They can create the appearance of elegance and timelessness. Pedestals are often used to welcome couples and their guests to the wedding. Decorating the ceremony itself. Then creating an often flamboyant, entrance to the reception. Summer wedding flower inspiration peony roses as the perfect wedding flower.


Blue and white flower urn Dartington

Happiness of a peony rose table arrangement

You have walked up the aisle with your peony rose bouquet, stood by the peony rose pedestal arrangements and recited your vows. The celebrations are about to commence. Cocktails, mocktails, seasonal drinks. It’s always handy to have little tables on which to place your glass as you shake hands, or socially distance. Small peony rose arrangements placed on these tables not only look pretty but create a cohesive effect, bringing the ceremony and reception areas together as one. Guest or top table arrangements create the final flourish. The happiness of the wedding breakfast ahead. Long trestle arrangements to individual guest table arrangements.

Pink peonies Cornwall wedding flowers

Love of a ceiling installation

When you walk into a beautiful marquee or reception area, what could be more lovely than being greeted by a feeling of an herbaceous border. The delights of an English garden. English peony roses and a host of other summer flowers coming in with you. It’s a statement of beauty, awe inspiring beauty. The use of brighter coloured peony roses can often work best. They create more of a contrast against the size of a very airy marquee or grand hall, making the space seem more ‘intimate’. Pastel shades can easily disappear.

flower curtain Cornwall wedding flowers

The romance, love and happiness that peony roses, with other seasonal flowers and foliage, can bring to your wedding is fabulously amazing. So beautiful.

The joy they bring, the most popular wedding flower and with so many meanings. Summer wedding flower inspiration, peony roses the perfect wedding flower.


























Wedding Supplier Recommendations from Wedding Suppliers In London and Devon

Wedding Supplier Recommendations from Wedding Suppliers In London and Devon

Wedding suppliers

I’ve worked with many skilled and creative wedding suppliers in a number of capacities within the industry, Wedding supplier recommendations from wedding suppliers in London and Devon have emerged.

The Velvet Daisy zipping around the country!

Friendships and working relationships developed, particularly over many cups of tea, and often sheltering from the big outdoors.  When a specialist supplier wishes to promote their own work or product, and chooses other suppliers who are like-minded in style, quality, and ethics to achieve it.

Wedding supplier recommendations are often provided by the wedding venue. However, wedding supplier recommendations from wedding suppliers in London and Devon can be another great source and often the best. It’s particularly valuable when it comes from suppliers who’ve worked and collaborated. Whether it be at a wedding, event, photoshoot or other. Each working independently, whilst at the same time supporting each other.


Wedding supplier collaborations

 I’ve collaborated on a number of photoshoots with a very talented range of suppliers. Cake makers, hire companies, musicians, marquees, hair and make-up, caterers, cars and many more.

The day of a shoot can go on…and on and on. During the chitty chat moments we talk. Our outlook on life, work and private, to the stage we know each other and working with each other becomes second nature. Once again, working independently, whilst at the same time supporting each other.

Thus wedding supplier collaborations begin.

I recently had the privilege of being asked by Christine Trewinnard to help promote her sublime, handmade wedding dresses. A flower collaboration in Devon. A photoshoot at Poltimore House and Grounds near Exeter. Christine knew she wanted to create a  ‘Modern Golden Age of Glamour’ style.


She knew that The Velvet Daisy’s style with an abundance of relaxed, garden flowers, complemented not only her dresses but the house itself, the overall effect.

The photos here, the result of a support collaboration between Christine, me, The Velvet Daisy, and a number of other fabulous suppliers who became happy to recommend each other to potential couples. Wedding suppliers recommendations from wedding suppliers in London and Devon.


Photoshoots and blog recommendations

Photos which emerge from a shoot are often featured in magazines and online blogs. As a couple you may see them in a special article or within a ‘real wedding’ section. You may read them as overall collaborations. Ultimately, the chance that you may find wedding suppliers  recommendations from wedding suppliers in London and Devon.


All photos by Toby Lowe Photography

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Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 2018 London

Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 2018 London

It’s at this time of the year – and before – that thoughts turn to Christmas.

Wrapping paper, Christmas baubles, will I need the sledge? Are my heels too high to dance in?

There is, of course, the desire to have a little fun. Creative fun maybe.

Here at The Velvet Daisy we run Festive Wreath Making Workshops and Festive Table Flower Workshops. We aid that inner creativity to shine through whilst enjoying the company of friends, partners or/and making new friends.

By embracing the beauty of the festive season, you can join one of our popular workshops by designing and making your own fragrant and natural wreath, ready to adorn your home. You may also like to express your inner skills by coming along to a Festive Table Flower workshop another way to create the seasonal outdoor coming indoor winter scents.

During the very relaxed workshops, under tuition, you will be shown how to create a traditional moss-based wreath, using a plentiful supply of fabulous seasonal foliage, berries and fruits. A selection of festive sparkle delights will also be available to add to your design if you wish. The price includes all materials, bubbles and a steady supply of seasonal refreshments.

There are such a variety of workshops (including ours of course) to choose from around the country, it can make the decision overwhelming enough to reach for the strong tea or mulled wine.

The purpose of all these workshops are not only to create a beautifully scented wreath to adorn your door or garland to delight the mantlepiece, but to enjoy.

Going shopping at Christmas time, battling to the Christmas department for decorations, is not quite as relaxing and sociable as a room filled with an abundance of fresh foliage and imaginative accessories.

How would you choose the best workshop for you?

The choice generally falls into 4 categories:
– Location
– Style
– Budget
– Where will The Velvet Daisy be?!

Other considerations may include being loyal to the person holding the workshop; if going along with friends, which would be central for all; it may also be something to consider, which workshops provide the best refreshments.

There are a number of different styles you may prefer when choosing a wreath or flower workshops. These are not exclusive but may include:

Small and simple: Adding a few seasonal decorations to a fresh pre-made wreath or creating a small wreath from branches and twigs and adding a little seasonal foliage.

Larger and simple: A larger pre-made wreath with a bigger selection of fresh seasonal delights and/or artificial decorations. All fresh foliage, twigs and berries to create a very natural design.

Starting from scratch: This is the style of workshop we at The Velvet Daisy prefer to hold. Mossing the basic wreath frame, adding fresh
seasonal foliage and garden wonders, then finishing with a host of seasonal delights including shiny bits to make it a little more bespoke.

Workshops are great for social interaction. Be it for single people, couples, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, clubs, schools, thank you for…, corporate bonding; whatever suits.

The final consideration, normally included in the price of the workshop, what will be the delicious festive refreshments?
Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, herbal tea, water still and/or fizzy, water with cordials, wine, mulled wine or bubbles.
Along of course with platters of seasonable edibles.

If you would like to book one of our workshops, please book on these Eventbrite links:

Festive Wreath Workshop, The Decor Cafe, Putney, 4th December choose from either 10am-12 noon or 7.30-9pm Book here

Festive Wreath Workshop, Flotsam & Jetsam, Wandsworth Common, 5th December 7.30-9pm Book here

Festive Table Flowers Workshop, The Decor Cafe, Putney, 11th December, 10am-12 noon Book here

The workshops always fill quickly but occasionally further dates are added.

If you’re a small group that would love to spend quality time together at home/in a venue or would like a 1:1 contact me directly on 0779 069 2221

These workshops are currently held in London. However, if you’d like one elsewhere then do contact me.

So, enjoy the creative festivities and have something to smile at each time you walk through the front door, look at the garland decorating any room.

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to make, relax and surprise yourself.

Welcome to The Velvet Daisy

Welcome to The Velvet Daisy

I’m so excited and feeling quite grown up, the launch of my sparkly new, redesigned, website.

A very sizeable and enthusiastic welcome and I hope you love it as much as I have popping it together.

Actually, to be honest, it’s been an intense exercise over a few months with my very talented web and all things wonderful designer, Maddy Jones.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to design a website but for me it feels like I’ve taken my clothes off and revealed all.

That is a pretty unpleasant vision for you so apologies but the simplest way to describe everything.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, it’s been a process of inner revelation. Trying to decide on colours, the layouts, words, font style and so forth. Endless questions which I never thought I’d have to think about so much.

I’m creative, imaginative and wildly enthusiastic about my work. I’m a florist and I love it.

But I’ve never been creative in the art of graphic design, techy bits or otherwise.

However, the process of choosing photos that express me, my designs, my love of flower combinations, the flowers themselves, is very personal.

I knew that by presenting this website I would be open to subjective thoughts and opinions. A decision to work with me may be entirely dependent on an immediate impression.

All very nerve-wracking and similar to waiting for exam results to come through.

I will say no more other than, similar to visiting a gallery, I hope your subjective taste to my art form matches yours.

Please do contact me if you’d like a chat or make an enquiry about my floral art.