About Helen –

Wedding Florist London & Devon

There is just something about an English garden. I love the lavish colours, the wonders of an herbaceous border, the slightly wild collections, winding through stone steps and archways. The delicacy. This all inspires my work with wedding flowers and special event florals, from the purely traditional to contemporary.

There is always a natural, relaxed and elegant abundance in my designs. I am so happy that what I naturally love, appeals to my clients, and that many of them return again and again.

My start in flowers began when studying horticulture with the Royal Horticultural Society in London, then moving on to floristry. I received distinction in my studies then an offer to work with a number of florists including Jane Packer, one of the prominent florists in London. As my personal style developed, I was sought out by private clients for their weddings, events and parties, and soon went out on my own. It has been an incredibly fun, satisfying and fulfilling career path.

I am a professional member of the National Association of Wedding Professionals. It’s great when I have time to relax and chit chat with friends and colleagues in the industry, both in London and Devon, as well as greater South West England. I recently spoke at the South West Wedmeetup as a keynote speaker. I love the community of creative, enthusiastic artists and purveyors.

I enjoy designing wedding flowers for any size celebration, from an intimate beach ceremony to grand church affairs to country houses and destination weddings. I also design for a wide variety of special events. Intimate family celebrations, house parties, fashion shoots and luxury corporate events all bring me fresh opportunities to delight in floral opportunities.

Making you happy makes me happy.
It’s pretty simple I suppose.

What I love about my job

One of the many things I adore about working with flowers is the freedom it allows to be creative and the demands it makes on me. The seasonal palette is always changing, and so inspiring. I love to wander through the flower market, new and heavenly combinations of flowers and foliage coming into view at every turn. It’s like being a child in a sweet shop.

Bringing a little of the unexpected into an otherwise traditional flower bouquet, or allowing a whimsical garden element to play within a more streamlined modern arrangement.

I find it wonderfully fulfilling to work with excited, open and discerning clients of all kinds. Flowers are my art, but people are the heart of the matter for me. Making you happy makes me happy. It’s pretty simple I suppose.

About You

I love couples and event planners who know the special power that flowers have to set a space aglow, to ready it for their guests and elevate the occasion. My clients have an appreciation for vibrant beauty and make flowers one of their priorities at their celebrations. I’m so grateful to have such an inspired and loyal client base, and love meeting and working with new people all the time.

Do you love the idea of filling your space with the perfect balance of structured elegance and natural whimsy?

Would you like to work with me directly to bring your vision to life?

I would be so happy to have a chat and learn more about what you have in mind. Please read my services page and if so inspired, feel very free to schedule an initial consultation.