Whether you’re starting the search or already have a London wedding florist in mind, it may be useful to consider these questions to guide you.

Where to begin when choosing wedding flowers?

There’s an absolute plethora of flowers to delight or confuse you. Choosing your London wedding florist is the way forward. Now is the time to bury your heads in bridal magazines, scour Instagram, visit markets for the flowers that resonate most with you.

What style of flowers are you drawn to? What shape are the bouquets and arrangements? Is there a specific colour scheme? Identify the floral trends you love, then seek out a London wedding florist who works in that style.

What will be in season?

So many flowers are iconic of the season. From tulips and ranunculus in early spring, to peonies, delphiniums and cornflowers in the first throes of summer…

Floating clouds of ammi and cow parsley are available all summer long. Delicious velvety colours of poppies. Some poppy varieties come into flower as early as March and April, with others taking you through to late summer.

And of course, while I love to use English garden blooms when I can, if your heart is set on a flower  or foliage that’s out of season, I’ll almost always be able to source it at the flower markets or British growers for a suitable alternative.

What trends should we know about?

Seasons change and so do styles. One year couples will be crazy about hydrangeas and snapdragons and the next, it’s all about architectural foliage and berries. And then, there are the wider trends in weddings – English garden, classic, luxue, bohemian and rustic, for example.

The key to embracing wedding trends is to follow those that feel a good fit and carve your own path. If the flowers you choose are personal to you, they’ll be timeless – trend-led or otherwise.

How can I add a sentimental touch to my bouquet?

Thought and emotion go hand in hand with blooms. They, in turn, go hand in hand with the memories you make.

That’s because the sight, texture and – most important of all – the fragrance of flowers all root deeply to the moments you encounter them.

To add sentimentality to your bouquet, think back to memories you have of flowers. This could be a bouquet you received or simply the blooms you grew up with in the garden. The more highly scented, the better. Unless of course you or any of the bridal party and guests have allergies. Homemade wool pompoms to match to match the flowers.

Where will our wedding flowers come from?

This is an often overlooked but important question to ask for two reasons. The first is that plane upon plane of blooms get imported for weddings every year. So, if you want to take a more eco-friendly approach, British-grown is the way to go.

But to balance that, the second reason is that if your heart is set on something very specific (like peonies or tropical varieties), you may need a florist who can source flowers from further afield to deliver your vision on the day.

I’m passionate about English garden style flowers, so sourcing local blooms from flower farmers in the UK is something I try to do as often as possible. But, in order to access a wider range of blooms over a longer season, I also buy from flower markets. This gives couples the best of both.

How far in advance do we need to choose our London wedding florist?

This varies from London wedding florist to florist. Some will have availability several months before the date of your wedding, others will be booked up at least a year in advance or beyond. There are certain times of year that are particularly regarded as ‘The ‘wedding season’ for example May and June. However, wedding dates are now spreading throughout the year, including traditionally quiet months such as February, October and November.

To ensure you have the perfect florist to work with, the sooner you book the better.

Once you’ve found a florist you feel comfortable and happy to work alongside, contact them at whatever point in the planning you are. There’s no harm in being organised. It just gives you both even longer to talk flowers, fragrance and perfect your floral vision!

I’ve got a wild idea I’d love to try. Can you help me achieve it?

Yes most definitely. Here at The Velvet Daisy we love a wild idea, something off beat. Your ideas would be nurtured and seeds sown for inspiration. Together, we’d create truly unique designs and arrangements in a profusion of blooms.

You can see a snapshot of the variety of arrangements I’ve created in my wedding flower portfolio, but what’s possible is bounded only by your imagination!

With these questions to ask in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect florist for you. Find more tips for choosing your London wedding florist in my helpful guide.