Set your space aglow with natural English garden
wedding flowers – big, bold and delicate.

I take immense pride at The Velvet Daisy in bringing your unique vision to life.
From wedding flowers to events, from London to Devon, my team and I bring you our best – delicious stems, petals, foliage, all tenderly wrapped with creativity and love.

“I attend to every floral detail with versatility, creativity and attention to detail. My approach is personal, professional and bespoke, with room for all you imagine – from simple loveliness to unimaginable grandeur. I look forward to meeting you, guiding you and enjoying it all with a sense of good humour I like to think befits the flowers I adore” – Helen

I listen. I guide.
I interpret your flower dreams with a wealth of experience and expertise, great care and understanding.
I am with you every step of the way.

Their delights strongly influence my style to create natural, relaxed, abundant floral arrangements for you that are both whimsical and elegant.

The fabulous world of floral inspiration, design and ideas awaits us.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers enhance. They fill space with colour, texture and scent. Wedding flowers prepare us to receive you and celebrate your union. With abundance and grace, beauty and elegance, flowers quietly warm us up as you walk down the aisle, then flourish as the day proceeds.

I take time to learn about you as a couple, your unique tastes, quirks and interests, your families and guests. We develop your wedding flower style and preferences together, as I guide you through an array of delights, ideas and the beauty of flowers.

From the bright freshness of spring flowers, to the fluffy clouds of peonies and sweetpeas during warm sunny days. The glorious boldness of autumn to the chilled berries in winter, chilled and snowy.

My services are bespoke, completely tailored to your dreams and needs. I invite you to read more about my services and consider if it is the right time for an initial consultation. I will be so happy to speak with you.

Special Event Flowers

Flowers enliven. They bring life and excitement to a space even before anyone arrives, catching their welcoming scent. We come together for so many special reasons, events that mark milestones of all kinds. Your special reason for coming together, be it personal or professional, deserves to be highlighted by inspiring florals.

From intimate celebrations to fashion photo shoots, press launches, and corporate workshops, I’ve had the pleasure of designing flowers for all kinds of special events for many years, working with a diverse and discerning clientele.

My services are always bespoke, serving your brief with attention to detail and discretion. No request is too large, and I enjoy the challenge of creative timelines. Read more about my approach and services to see if you would like to book an initial consultation is desired. I look forward to hearing about your event.

About Helen

I am the owner of the boutique floral design company The Velvet Daisy. I have a base both in London and Devon. It allows me to bring a unique expertise from city to country. My English garden style is bold and bright, yet delicate and relaxed, bringing an occasion to life with an abundance of natural beauty.

I am regarded by diverse clientele for my care and insight, style and depth. From young couples to A-listers to luxury brands, I have a wealth of experience creating gorgeous spaces from stately homes to tipis for clients across London and South West England.

Together with my talented team, we bring lush blooms and whimsical greens into your flower installations and floral bouquets, inspiring you and your guests with fabulous combinations full of colour and life.

Read about my latest passions here on my blog